6 Ways to the Best Ayahuasca Experience

Individuals who haven’t heard of Ayahuasca need to ascertain the diverse possible associated with this experience. While many shamans and healers guarantee exceptional services and experiences, only a handful can actually live up to the promises. Moreover, what strikes out is that Ayahuasca is a psychedelic substance and there has to be several safety measures associated with this form of medication or rather application. At present, the world is divided when it comes to Ayahuasca as in some places it’s deemed as an illegal drug whereas in certain areas it is a necessary form of medication with extraordinary capabilities. In this post, we would come across 6 of the best strategies which can guarantee an out-of-the-world Ayahuasca experience while taking the safety measures in play.

  1. Willingness to Accept Radical Life Changes

For someone who is looking to experience the best version of Ayahuasca treatment, it is advisable to make room for some radical life changes, including the willingness to understand the inner consciousness. It is important to note that Ayahuasca is also known as the ‘Vine of Death’ in some parts of the world as it might bring about or even highlight some near death experiences. However, Ayahuasca can certainly clear the fog pertaining to someone’s life and once the noise is cleared, the brain finds the ability to function in a much better manner. Put simply, Ayahuasca willingly takes a person near to his or her death and once the death stares upon someone, the brain starts working sans external influences.

  1. Considering Ayahuasca retreat as work and not a recreational activity

It goes without mention that Ayahuasca can turn into an overwhelming experience provided it’s practiced with precision. However, some might still argue and consider an Ayahuasca retreat experience as a vacation. The best advice for someone joining the Ayahuasca bandwagon is to consider the experience as proper work and not as a vacation. The journey is expected to be tough and one must be more than willing to accept the hardships, including hunger, sleep deprivation, and even lack of a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Eliminating Luxuries and even Necessities

Ayahuasca experience means staying adrift of even the basic necessities of life. One might be plagued with extreme hunger throughout the day as the retreat centers usually serve two meals. Moreover, sugar, salt, and pork are usually eliminated from the proceedings, in order to enrich the overall experience. For someone who is looking to delve properly into the proceedings, it is important to leave the luxuries and glorified things at home. Although, Ayahuasca helps people embark upon a journey of compassion and love, it doesn’t allow individuals to embrace vanity and sloth. It needs to be understood that this brew is more of a medicine and therefore the therapeutic aspects must triumph other factors in play.

  1. Embracing the Difficulties

Ayahuasca is anything but predictable and one must be ready to embrace the side-effects which might come along with this enriching and rewarding experience. This procedure is expected to test a person in more ways than one, including mental, emotional, and physical tests. However, in order to completely transform the conscience it is important to consider oneself as a passenger and Ayahuasca experience as the journey with multiple difficulties on the way. However, every Ayahuasca ceremony isn’t alike and there can be some with pleasing experience to account for. To put things in a simplified manner, Ayahuasca is a procedure that gives us what we need, but certainly at a cost.

  1. Making Room for Confusion

While mental clarity is one of the primary Ayahuasca offerings, there might be a bit of confusion to account for, especially for the starters. However, a bit of confusion isn’t a bad thing and might stop individuals from making bad and emotional decisions. This is what psychedelic experiences stand for, in the truest possible sense. Ayahuasca ceremonies offer the best perspectives and it is important for someone to learn from them, especially in the long run.

  1. Not relying only on Ayahuasca

Although Ayahuasca itself is quite powerful and the brew contains a potent mix of hallucinogenic ingredients, a fulfilling experience is only possible if ceremonies are clubbed with some other factors, including the likes of environment, setting, and the conglomerate of healers. Even the people experiencing the journey are important as embodying the qualities by each one of the members also holds the key. The mutual respect and an ambience of care and compassion also play a vital role in making the experience even more memorable.

For someone who is new to the world of Ayahuasca, it is necessary that several aspects are taken care of before embarking on an experience of sorts. There are individuals for whom these Ayahuasca ceremonies can be a story of love, death, and even rebirth, all within a span of few hours. However, what a person experiences completely depends on how the ceremony is conducted by the shamans, healers, and even the facilitators.

What needs to be understood is that Ayahuasca can have a deep impact on a person’s conscience, regardless of his or her age or mental state. However, what comes out of the process clearly depends on a person’s mental strength and other essential factors. This is one multidimensional medicine which is capable of impacting individuals both mentally and physically. Put simply, Ayahuasca works on multiple levels and offers an experience that is second to none. However, the trick here is to be unsuspecting of the procedure and get immersed completely in a ceremony. What comes out then is high-end accessibility to insights, magic, and profound healing skills. Moreover, even extensive levels of physical healing can be experienced upon consuming this brew. Although, the benefits are often camouflaged with physical tension, body pain, nausea, or even extended levels of pleasure— the end results are nothing short of miraculous. This procedure, therefore, results in functional emotional processing, release of constricted psychological illnesses, anxiety healing, and even spiritual awakening in some of the more extreme cases. Finally, one can also infer that Ayahuasca is more like a creative inspiration for individuals with an affinity for art.