The Reality of an Ayahuasca Treatment: Embrace Inner Consciousness like never before

Over the years, Ayahuasca assisted treatment has slowly but steadily developed into an extremely potent form of medicinal hack. While the existing techniques have already been used for treating post-traumatic stress disorders and drug addiction, there have been many developments regarding the aspect of scientific implementation, in regards to Ayahuasca and its applications. What needs to be understood that the treatment pathway isn’t a random one but has been devised after several meetings, publications, and even conferences were conducted for analyzing the pros and cons of this therapy in question. Apart from working as a hardcore medicinal treatment option, Ayahuasca has also developed into a non-profitable sponsor across different organizational platforms.

What is Ayahuasca?

For starters, Ayahuasca is more like a brew that comes equipped with psychoactive powers. Therefore, in order to make the best use of the existing treatment options, both shamans and even the participants need to understand the extent of these powers, right before application. Ayahuasca is a vine that comes equipped with MAOIs and DMT; thereby capable of lasting impact on body and mind. Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the legality issues in picture. What’s interesting to note is that Ayahuasca treatment or rather implementation is completely legal in certain parts of South America despite the brew having DMT as the active ingredient. The best thing, however, is the growing awareness regarding Ayahuasca treatment as a majority of individuals are using the same for medicinal purposes and not for getting high.

How Ayahuasca Experience Feels like in General?

To simplify things further, an Ayahuasca experience feels more like interacting with the divine or rather having a near death rendezvous with reality. For someone who would like to understand the nooks and crannies of the process, Ayahuasca facilitates high-end psychological growth where the body or rather the inner conscience is capable of reaching the unexplored depths of the human mind while purging out the toxins and the build-up of negative energy.

The Reality of Ayahuasca Treatment

Let us be very clear with the reality of Ayahuasca treatment and the Ayahuasca-assisted therapeutic solutions. Firstly, the best thing about this would be the usage in regards to curing substance abuse. Studies have shown that this brew has magical and long-lasting effects when it comes to treating addiction and even the subject has shown an improved life-cycle after a certain period of time. Moreover, it is this only this form of treatment that can enter the inner conscience and deal with the severity of drug abuses and similar issues. Put simply, this psychoactive tea offers a lot of room for spiritual retreat and also assists in proper documentation of abstinence, in regards to offering recovery from the likes of substance abuse.

Although there haven’t been solid evidences pertaining to the positive therapeutic effects of Ayahuasca, people haven’t stopped using the same in regards to treating certain conditions. A majority of Ayahuasca rituals have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years; thereby assisting individuals take the psychological route.

Can there be Dangers?

If the Ayahuasca brew is administered by experienced shamans, the chances of things going wrong decreases to a considerable extent. The untapped potential of this substance in regards to healing certain conditions has already been acknowledged by many but the process needs to be implemented with considerable amount of caution.

Firstly, Ayahuasca only works in a risk free manner if and when administered by healers with years of experience validating their credibility. What needs to be ascertained is that one can have an emotional flooding of sorts upon adding this to the healing regime. This brew is extremely psychoactive and has the capability of bringing back the old memories, quite abruptly. This is where caution needs to be practiced and the shamans must help the participants cope up with the emotional whirlwind. Adverse consequences can crop up followed by extended levels of psychological stress.

At present, with Ayahuasca gaining a lot of popularity, a host of individuals are even known to pose as pilgrims and shamans for administering this brew to certain individuals for money. While this can have catastrophic effects if things go wrong, issues related to abuse, rape, and even death have already been reported when individuals fake healing credentials.

Adding substances to Ayahuasca is another factor that can backfire and have serious negative impacts on the subjects. Firstly, there are inexperienced shamans who add something called the brugmansia to this brew to accentuate the effects. However, it must be known the brugmansia is already known for the hallucinogenic powers and adding it along with Ayahuasca might just extrapolate the potency beyond human contemplation. Ayahuasca, if given properly, can certainly cure problems without forming a habit and posing safety issues. However, brugmansia is quite toxic and might even lead to permanent mental damage if administered wrongly.

Another aspect that floats in the open is the lack of substantiated claims in regards to the benefits of Ayahuasca as a condition treating substance. While scientific evidences haven’t been accounted for, additional researches need to be conducted before implementing this treatment approach for a longer period of time. Moreover, the substances which require rehabilitation also vary and every drug cannot be treated with this brew.


Ayahuasca assisted treatment comes forth with psychological risks but the benefits are believed to be almost miraculous. However, if and when administered, this process requires discretion. Experienced shamans and healers are the only individuals who are authorized to conduct treatment procedures. Moreover, what’s important is that even the Ayahuasca space and retreat center must be selected with utmost care before moving ahead with the procedure. It wouldn’t we wrong to infer that Ayahuasca can lead to certain near death experiences and therefore every religious, therapeutic, and spiritual activity must be weighed against the existing benefits and even the impending risks. Before moving ahead with the administration, the participants must check whether medical assistance is provided, in case something unfortunate comes up during this psychedelic treatment arc.